Real Slow the Fast Way episode 09

Real Slow the Fast Way

The Bing Bong Twins presents Real Slow the Fast Way

You can find out more about The Bing Bong Twins on their MySpace. We’ll be bringing you the area’s finest in wobble down dirtnappin wob bass face grime get down Ninja Turtle sewer fortress music.

Sounds to listen for….Dubstep, Breaks, Hip-Hop, Mid-tempo, Fidget, Ragga Jungle, Bassline, 2-step and reggae.

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Real Slow the Fast Way episode 09

Real Slow the Fast Way episode 09

“The sun rose red and yellow ‘til the blue came back…”

This is the first line to one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite lyricists of all time, and truthfully, lyricist is only one of the countless talents Ernie Upton of the insanely talented group known as Who Cares has at his disposal. Graffiti artist, MC, DJ, graphic designer, and an all around, genuinely funny mother fucker. It’s hard to find the right description to fit the sounds, and creative process that this badman is known for, but I figure after May’s show, you’ll have a good idea of what you’ve been missing, or what you already love.

Known for his soulful sound, warm and direct. I hope you all join The Bing Bong Twins and a slice of original music, this shits gonna pop your Krylon caps and blow out your shell toes.

only on….

Posted on 05/06/2010 | Subscribe to this Podcast


Ecsyle from Reno, NV
Posted on May 07, 2010

So much fun. Even though I was in stiff work mode. I enjoyed the hell out of this.

Thank you Bing Bong Twins, Boggan, and their special guest, Ernie Upton smile

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